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Storytelling via Motion Capture

As a content provider, we are adamant that storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to engage with consumers – and it should be at the core of your content strategy.

Laying down the foundation

We are also very aware that every client – and its audience – is different. Because of this, we’ve made it our mission to be adept at capturing 3D motion. Every take is repeated 4 or more times during the motion capturing process.

Foundation always come first. Rushing ahead without having a solid plan is a recipe for disaster.

Establishing brand credibility is incredibly important, and should be the underlying objective of any production. Authenticity can be established by being original, being distinctive, producing content of high quality consistently, and by providing a superior product or service. Good 3D Animation content can help with all of these.

aaanimators mocap laying down foundation audience brand credibility incredibly important

Bringing commercials to life is quick-and-easy

TV commercials have grown increasingly elaborate in recent years, the undertaking that goes into the 60 seconds or less is incredible.

Unfortunately, the loss of time and budget committment to the process, including days worth of travel and few days afterwards to sift through the data could mean upwards a full working week at times, which is painful when you have limited time and budget.

aaanimators mocap online commercial production life easy time on budget motion capture assets
aaanimators mocap creation process fraction of time motion capture assets pack 3d assets
Life changing technology

Using motion capture assets has dramatically trimmed down the time commitment required for this critical part of the creation process, which means you can create work of the same quality in a fraction of the time.

aaanimators mocap commercial production experimentation ideas for creators film
The flexibility

The flexibility means quicker commercial production, but it also opens the door to further experimentation. Unshackled from the budget constraints, creators can try out some truly out-there ideas.

aaanimators mocap script screen previsualization animatics production motion capture online assets
From script to screen

Even if an ad doesn’t have a character mocap requirement, the studio can use the technology for proof-of-concept clips, previsualization, and animatics. The whole production pipeline benefits from this new and simple approach to the motion capture process.

aaanimators mocap building character believable animation commercial production storytelling online
Building character

If you want to have believable animation within the timeframe a commercial production gives you – and that’s a very short timeframe – it makes sense to move forward quickly. AAAnimators motion assets give you that option.

Quick turnaround, quick creativity

Do more with less!

Production is a demanding business, so being able to get ideas in front of your clients within a week – instead of having to waste days on an idea that potentially wouldn’t work – is a huge benefit.

aaanimators mocap video example show case


Because we play and make games we understand the importance of quality. Motion has a dramatic effect on story telling, gaming experience and your profitability.

We use the OptiTrack system, which is the most high positional precision on the market.



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