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AAAnimators is a powerhouse animation studio that has a long history of Film, Game and VR production. With over a decade of projects under our belt there isn’t a lot we haven’t seen. We’ve been a trusted partner on some of the largest grossing Films and Video Games.

Animate 3D characters.
No 3D knowledge required.

We offer a full 3D character animation solution for game development, film, television production, commercial application and other forms of emerging media. With Optitrack, an industry leading precision motion capture and 3D tracking systems, AAAnimators tracks the subtle movements of human performance and translates it to usable digital formats that can be applied to any 3D character.

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aaanimators 3d modeling rigging service

3D Modeling & Rigging

From celebrity sports-stars, to a lion-man hybrid, we have modeled it all! Our in-house artists specialize specifically in both fictional and photo-realistic character modeling.

aaanimators 3d motion capture service

Motion Capture

Our skilled artists have provided body motion capture and animation for the most complex movements - from swimming and flying, to object interactions and finger animations.

aaanimators 3d data analysis service

Post Processing

We offer services in the capture and "clean-up" of mocap data, or key-frame animation - whichever suits your project best!

aaanimators 3d game and virtual reality development

Game & VR

Let our creative team design & develop a refreshing virtual world that will let your audience engage with your brand in new and unforgettable ways.


The daily rate for motion capture with the 60 x 40 ft studio is $1500 a day plus $18 a second for solving & retargeting.

$1500 /Day
aaanimators service 3d motion capture studio rental
$400 /Day
aaanimators service 3d motion capture technician
$250 /Day
aaanimators service 3d motion capture actor
$400 /Day
aaanimators service 3d motion capture director
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